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True real-time
SAP integration
for Salesforce CRM

Overcast Salesforce AppExchange

A powerful Salesforce-native integration app

Connect SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, web services & more

Prebuilt Salesforce-to-SAP integrations as a product


Overcast enables connected Salesforce experiences out-of-the-box

The Overcast Difference

Overcast drastically reduces the cost and speed of integrating SAP by reducing project complexity and risks

Difference Salesforce Mulesoft Overcast

Overcast Benefits

  • Overcast is built on the Salesforce platform as a Salesforce app and thus very easy to learn and maintain by any Salesforce consultant
  • Overcast automates most integration steps and provides 80% of Salesforce-SAP integration requirements out-of-the-box
  • Saves you many thousands of lines of code or script on the SAP, Salesforce and middleware side
  • Overcast’s unique mixed real-time/data-sync architecture reduces development, support & maintenance drastically
In addition to SAP ERP integration, Overcast also excels at integrating many other on-premise and cloud softwares from many vendors and the benefits are largely the same.
Overcast integration app


These solutions and many more are available – fully customizable and enhancable.


Trailblazers for connected manufacturing CRM solutions

Overcast Customer

“Thanks to Overcast, SAP data now renders 50% faster in the Salesforce UI compared to when we used SAP Gateway”

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